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打呼是非常普遍的,男女皆會,發生在一半人口以上。 紐西蘭消費者協會在2003年的報道中指出全國藥房中銷售的口服或外用葯品對治療打呼都無長期的療效。

Sapphire 診所為您提供免手術方式以電波療法來治打呼,超過80%的患者只需一次的治療便可成功。這是一種比傳統切除手術或雷射手術更為有效的方法,它們的成功率僅 為70%。另一個優勢是,這是一個可以利用午餐時間完成的診療方式,治療後你可以直接去工作,午餐和正常談話。傳統的手術切除治療則需要住院觀察約一至兩 周的時間, 且奇疼無比!





治療的部位將被麻醉。電波專用探頭會放置在軟顎部位,隨著電波每秒鐘四百萬次的震動,軟顎在非疼痛的情況下會收縮。我們使用先進的治療儀器,軟顎變得緊實。 像帆船啟航,帆布沒有固定在帆桅上它會隨風而發出波動聲,軟顎在鬆弛的時候也是如此。所以我們的治療會讓您的軟顎更加緊實,如同固定好帆布而停止波動所引 起的聲響。非常鬆弛的軟顎可能需要第二次的治療來減低您的打呼聲。








What is involved?

The snoring assessment needs to be completed by your partner and yourself. Your partner provides you with an independent objective assessment of your current state as well as judging the success of the procedure.

The area at the back of you mouth is numbed. The specialised probe which is made in America is placed in the soft palate which then results in scaring to the soft palate. We use the sophisticated Ellman Surgitron 4.0 mega Hertz dual frequency machine. This makes the soft palate stiffer, so like a sail on a boat which has batons to stop the sail from flapping, so does the procedure to the soft palate do the same. Hence those patients that don't initially respond, usually require more "batons" ie stiffening of their soft palate.



This office based procedure requires precision instruments to give you a near painless procedure whereby you can immediately eat, drink and talk afterwards, and can even return to work immediately if you desire. The area is numbed using numbing spray and a small dental block.



A few patients develop a small ulcer which will heal by itself, requiring nothing more than a few paracetamol in most instances. The procedure is very well tolerated.

Don't let your partner put up with another sleepness night due to your snoring, come in and talk to us to see if this is the right procedure for you.

To find out if this method is right for you, then click this link for an online booking for a consultation with Dr Garsing Wong at Auckland Cosmetic Medicine Clinic Ltd - Sapphire Appearance Medicine Clinic. Please note there is a $80 consultation fee applicable.

The cost for the procedure is $1550. The price is inclusive of all followup visits, this includes the set followup appointments on day 2, day 14 and day 60 and any additional consultations that you may require two months after the procedure as well as the immediate post procedural medication. The initial consultation charge of $80 applies.

*success is defined as a mean drop of 4.65 points on the snoring scale 8 weeks after the procedure

Updated 3 February 2016

All our procedures are office base, requiring no time off work, with a compliment of pain free methods to give you the best results.

Speak to us about how we can help to maintain and care for your skin to keep you healthier and look more youthful.

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