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Nose/Chin Shaping

Dr Garsing Wong & Wen-Pei Margaret Chen have given international talks on their unique non surgical nose enhancements, nose jobs or so called nonsurgical rhinoplasty as well as chin enhancements also known as a nonsurgical genioplasty. 

Before and Immediately After Non Surgical Nose Enhancement Rhinoplasty with hyaluronic Dermal Filler Auckland Cosmetic Medicine Ltd - Sapphire Appearance Medicine Clinic.  

Photos posted show Dr Wong's actual patients. These photos have not been altered in any manner. It is important to understand that results can differ, and this does not replace a face to face full assessment by Dr Wong. The purpose of before and after photos are solely for providing accurate and useful information, showing a realistic portrayal of the outcome that can be reasonably and typically expected. Dr Wong's patient has received and given informed consent for the use of their photos.


These pioneering procedures at Auckland Cosmetic Medicine Clinic Ltd - Sapphire Appearance Medicine Clinic can give you an instant nose or chin enhancements so called non surgical rhinoplasty or genioplasty.  The technique involves using Restylane Perlane® a dermal filler from Qmed now rebranded as Restylane Lyft® by Galderma. This is truly a lunch hour procedure as you can have the procedure completed within an hour. Your nose or chin will change before your eyes in this painless procedure. Noses can be tweaked so that they appear straight, humps can be hidden, or the tip of your nose can be subtly lifted. For suitable noses, by lifting the bridge of the nose will give the appearance of a slimmer nose.

Often it is important to not only enhance the bridge of your nose but also redefine the medial eyebrow, and also lift the tip of your nose so that the enhancement results in a finer looking nose. The procedure can be combined with eyebrow shaping using the same hyaluronic filler as well.  Eyebrow shaping with Restylane Perlane now called Restylane Lyft®, can help to rasie and reshape your eyebrow as well as reduce hollowing in your eye socket region.

Dr Wong finds the nonsurgical nose jobs or rhinoplasty to be one of the most satisfying procedures for patients as you can instantly see the result whilst maintaining control over how the nose enhancement takes place. There is virtually no downtime, so that you can return to work the very same day.

Nonsurgical nose enhancement / nose jobs or nonsugical rhinoplasty can be combined together with facial shaping also known as nonsurgical facial slimming, to reduce benign massenteric hypertrophy with Botox® injections.  Together with Belkyra® or using CoolTech® fat freezing means that there are many non surgical options to shape your face.  The method of combining Botox® facial slimming with fat dissolving was first introduced to New Zealand by Dr Garsing Wong, together with Wen-Pei (Margaret) Chen, and their technique has been published in the prestigious peer reviewed medical journal in the June 2011 issue of the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, Vol 10, pages 93-96.

Before and After Non Surgical Rhinoplasty with Restylane Perlane dermal filler nose enhancement.

Non Surgical Chin augmentation - Non Surgical Genioplasty using Restylane Perlane® now rebranded as Restylane Lyft® can instantly reshape your chin in a safe, painless procedure in less than an hour. The shape of your face is influenced by the shape of your chin.  If the chin is flat or small, with a little enhancement can make a noticeable difference in your appearance by redefining your jowl line. When a naturally looking curve is created, your face will appear more elongated and slimmer - thereby creating a crisper looking jowl line.

Before and After Restylane Perlane Dermal Filler Non Surgical Chin Enhancement - Non Surgical Genioplasty


Please note all photos are photographs of genuine patients of Dr Wong, the photographs are not altered or manipulated in any way. It is important to understand that the photos represent one persons experience and there is no guarantee that any other patient will experience similar results.


Rhinoplasty refers to the reshaping of your nose through surgery.  At Auckland Cosmetic Medicine Clinic Ltd known as Sapphire Appearance Medicine Clinc, we offer a nonsurgical rhinoplasty ie reshaping your nose without surgery.  Chin Augmentation (Genioplasty) was traditionally achieved using non biodegradable implants, but with the advent of safe biodegradable hyaluronic acid which is basically a long chain of sugar molecules which is naturally and slowly broken down to water, we can now offer a safe non-surgical method to reshape your nose or chin. Now you can have a nose-job without having any of the discomfort or surgical risk you will have if you opted for surgery.  Topical anaesthetic is applied to the region for 20 minutes prior to the procedure. Both non surgical rhinoplasty and non surgical genioplasty can be completed within one hour. There is a small chance of having a tiny bruise as a result of the procedure.



The non-surgical rhinoplasty / nose job or chin augmentation / genioplasty using Restylane Perlane or Restylane Lyft® can last for over one year. Dr Garsing Wong recommends that the procedure be repeated prior to the effect is fully gone. 



Some patients develop a temporary redness from the topical anaesthetic which can vasodilate the skin (make your skin blush).  The vasodilation fades after one hour.  Very seldomly, have we had to avoid injecting into the nose tip due to technical reasons which can only be noted at the time of injecting, whereby even placement of the injection (without even injecting any product) causes blanching (whitening) of the area. If product is injected, and this blanching is noticed, then the product will need to be immediately dissolved using Hyalase® which will be administered immediately.  It has been reported in the literature as well as other colleagues in New Zealand, of the product causing skin necrosis where the skin dies.  This can be avoided by recognising the signs of ischaemia - pain, pallor or blotchy appearance of the skin - and then immediately dissolving the product with Hyalase® to the region.

There was a case of blindness that occurred in a patient who was injected with a hyaluronic filler to the nose in Auckland 2017(Clinic is not known).  The risk for this is estimated to be 1:20,000.  It is vital that this procedure is only carried out by a qualified practitioner who is experienced in this procedure and any emergency care that is required.



This is a series of photos which illustrate non surgical chin enhancement at Auckland Cosmetic Medicine Clinic Ltd - Sapphire Appearance Medicine Clinic, showing how the face can have a more elongated look immediately after the procedure.

Front View of before and immediately after nonsurgical genioplasty / chin enhancement using Restylane Perlane dermal filler at Auckland Cosmetic Medicine Clinic - Sapphire Appearance Medicine Clinic.

Profile View of before nonsurgical chin enhancement/augmentation or genioplasty with Restylane Perlane dermal filler at Auckland Cosmetic Medicine Clinic - Sapphire Appearance Medicine Clinic and immediately after the nonsurgical chin enhancement/augmentation or genioplasty using Restylane Perlane dermal filler.

Below is an example of a non surgical rhinoplasty/nose job using hyaluronic acid dermal filler. As you can see, there is not any significant bruising after this procedure.  Some patients can experience bruising appearing the next day, which can be hidden using a concealer.  Please note all photos are photographs of genuine patients of Dr Wong, the photographs are not altered or manipulated in any way. It is important to understand that the photos represent one persons experience and there is no guarantee that any other patient will experience similar results.

Note how the bridge of the nose has been lifted, this can also have the desirable effect of highlighting your eyes. 

Profile View before nonsurgical chin enhancement with Juvederm Voluma ® dermal filler combined with BOTOX® at Auckland Cosmetic Medicine Clinic - Sapphire Appearance Medicine Clinic and immediately after the nonsurgical chin enhancement with Restylane Perlane dermal filler. Immediately after the procedure, the face can appear subtly slimmer due to a better defined jowl line.


Dr Garsing Wong was given an award for his presentation on nonsurgical facial shaping at IMCAS, Paris, France on the 10th January 2008.  There were more than 3000 international cosmetic and plastic surgical experts from more than 40 different countries in attendance at this prestigious international medical conference.  The presentation demonstrated the technique that Dr Garsing Wong and Wen-Pei Margaret Chen developed using both Restylane Perlane® from Q-med and a HA from Allergan to non-surgically augment the chin as well as using fat dissolving injections to enhance the lower face of patients.


The overall result of having a non surgical chin augmentation is that your face can be elongated and refined before your eyes in a safe, non-surgical, comfortable fashion using Restylane Perlane® (Qmed) now rebranded as Restylane Lyft®.


In addition to placing dermal fillers to this region, we have been achieving enhanced results by tightening the surrounding skin using the newly introduced Venus Viva Diamond Polar Radiofrequency skin tightening device.


Please feel free to click this link to make an online booking for a consultation with Wen-Pei (Margaret) Chen to discuss this or any other procedure in detail.


All of our procedures are office based, requiring no time or minimal time off work.  We offer a compliment of pain free methods to give you the best results tailored to your individual needs.


Speak to us about how we can help to maintain and care for your skin using our Monalinda® skincare range to keep your skin healthier and looking more youthful.


BOTOX® is a Prescription Medicine containing 100 units of botulinum toxin type A for injection (Please note, in America, the generic name for Botox® is onabotulinumtoxinA which is exactly the same as botulinum toxin type A. Refer to the FDA Press Release dated August 3, 2009).

Belkyra® is a Prescription Medicine.

It is used for the treatment of frown lines. It should be administered only by trained medical professionals. Talk to your doctor about the benefits/risks of this procedure in appearance medicine.

Cautions: People with defective neuro-muscular transmission disorders, infection at site of injection, glaucoma, pregnancy and lactation.
Possible side effects include headaches, pain, burning or redness at injection site, local muscle weakness including drooping eyelids, lack of feeling and nausea. If you have any side effects or concerns speak to your doctor.
You will need to pay for this medicine. Normal doctors visits apply. Note: The treatment lasts about four months and after this time further courses of treatment may be necessary. Speak to your doctor about your own situation.

BOTOX®, Belkyra® is a registered trademarks of Allergan Inc.

Teosyal Global Action, Teosyal Ultimate, Teosyal Redensity I and II® are registered trademarks of Teoxane, Geneva, Switzerland.

Restylane Lyft®, Perlane®, Vital® and Fine Touch® are registered trademarks of Q-Med Aktiebo AG, now owned by Galderma.

Updated 21 July 2022

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