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黃醫師已在國際上發表兩次 無手術體型雕塑,包括2007年9月,2008年1月兩次在巴黎的國際美容醫科大會發表講說"無手術綜合溶脂針,肉毒桿菌素及玻尿酸的臉型雕塑及下巴加長 造型.不同的治療包括藥物,雷射及光療可以針對不同類型的身材重新雕塑。而健康的生活方式和適當的運動比任何都重要。但如果您想要無手術消除脂肪那麼您需 要前來與黃家聲醫師做咨詢。他在這方面是資深的專家,曾在國際上為來自法國,瑞士,英國,臺灣,印度,香港,日本,德國,墨西哥,哥倫比亞,澳大利亞等的 皮膚科醫師,外科整形醫師,美容外科醫師,肉毒桿菌專家,麻醉科專家,眼鼻喉科專家作講演演示。


以下是脂肪分解,奧地利科學與醫療顧問Franz Hasengeschwandtner醫師所提供的圖片。


Before and After Lipolysis or Fat Dissolving to double chin region Sapphire Appearance Medicine Clinic


The above before and after photos are taken from Dr Garsing Wong's talk given in Paris on Nonsurgical Facial Contouring using Lipolysis (Phosphatidylcholine). Please note all photos unless otherwise stated are photographs of genuine patients of Dr Wong, the photographs are not altered or manipulated in any way. It is important to understand that the photos represent one persons experience and there is no guarantee that any other patient will experience similar results.

However if you wish to explore non surgical methods, then this will necessitate a medical consultation with Dr Garsing Wong as it is not permitted to discuss non registered medical treatments in an open forum. You may make an online booking to have a consultation with Dr Wong by clicking this link at Sapphire Appearance Medicine Clinic, 26 College Hill, Freemans Bay, Auckland or call 09 360 0066 during business hours.

Sapphire Appearance Medicine Clinic, at Auckland Cosmetic Medicine Clinic Limited can offer you safe, non surgical solutions in suitable patients.

All our procedures are office base, requiring little to no time off work, with a compliment of pain free methods to give you the best results.

Speak to us about how we can help to maintain and care for your skin to keep you healthier and look more youthful.

Sapphire Appearance Medicine Clinic also known as Auckland Cosmetic Medicine Clinic Limited is located at 26 College Hill, Freemans Bay, Auckland which borders on Ponsonby and St Mary's Bay, just up the road from the New World Supermarket at Victoria Park Market.

Recently we have not been able to source the medicine in New Zealand.  As a result of this, we have introduced the first Venus Viva Diamond Polar skin tightening device into our clinic which offers results without any down time.  Most patients will see tightening of their skin, with improved contouring immediately after the quick, comfortable procedure.


Updated 3 February 2016

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