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Acne Scar

Dr Garsing Wong, registered medical practitioner in New Zealand, United Kingdom and Switzerland together with Margaret (Wen-Pei Chen) can offer you the latest treatment modalities for acne scars at Sapphire Appearance Medicine Clinic - Auckland Cosmetic Medicine Clinic Limited, 26 College Hill, Freemans Bay, Auckland which borders on Ponsonby, St Mary's Bay and is just up from Victoria Park Market where the New World Supermarket is.

As always, prevention is better than to cure, so if you are still getting outbreaks of new acne lesion then this must be treated first. In which case, you may consult with Dr Garsing Wong who will explore the right treatment options for your acne, offering standard medical treatments as well as specialised treatments such as microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, Venus Viva Radiofrequency and Fractional Laser.


If your acne is under good control and you would like to consider treating any scars caused by the acne, then read on.


Acne scars are formed when the infected sebaceous material escapes into the surrounding skin causing inflammation and scarring in the skin. This can occur spontaneously or when we squeeze an acne pustule incorrectly, causing direct damage and inadvertently pushing material the skin cannot absorb, into the skin.


All treatments that encourage the formation of new collagen will help acne scarring. The big factor is how fast you would like to see the result and how much down time you can afford, as well as what your skin type is.


Most patients of any skin type, especially in Asian skin which is delicate and hard to treat, prefer a safe treatment method for their acne scarring. At Sapphire Appearance Medicine Clinic - Auckland Cosmetic Medicine Clinic Limited, we use several methods to safely reduce the appearance of acne scars over several treatments.  The latest technological tool in our armory is the Venus Viva Fractional Radiofrequency Device.  The treatments are comfortable and can be tailored to your social schedule.  This means that you may have many light treatments with little downtime or deeper and stronger treatments if you desire.  The machine is "colourblind" meaning that it is suitable for all skin types reducing the risk of hyperpigmentation.  Click on this link to book a free consultation with Margaret to see if Venus Viva is right for you. 


The Starlux Fractional Nonablative 1540nm erbium:glass laser allows for greater penetration of the skin.  The depth of the treatment can be reliably dialed up to 1mm depth.  The extent of improvement depends on your starting point, and the quality of your skin at the beginning of any treatment.  As the scars regenerate, they paradoxically "open" up, giving the temporary appearance that the scars have enlarged, as the new collage under the scar is stimulated to grow.  Over a period of weeks, the pores and scars will become less visible.


Please click this link to book to see Margaret (Wen-Pei Chen) to discuss which method to treat your acne scarring is most appropriate at Sapphire Appearance Medicine Clinic, 26 College Hill, Auckland (Auckland Cosmetic Medicine Clinic Ltd). (Please note, if you require treatment for acne, then you will need to consult with Dr Garsing Wong whereby a standard consultation fee is applicable.

After acne scar reduction. Please note all photos unless otherwise stated are photographs of genuine patients of Dr Wong, the photographs are not altered or manipulated in any way. It is important to understand that the photos represent one persons experience and there is no guarantee that any other patient will experience similar results.

Please click this link to book to see Margaret (Wen-Pei Chen) at Sapphire Appearance Medicine Clinic, 26 College Hill, Auckland (Auckland Cosmetic Medicine Clinic Ltd) to discuss which procedure is suitable for you.


Updated 7 December 2022

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